The creations of Advance 3D Panel are found on this page. In here you will find the finest quality-driven panels that are carefully crafted for every setting and occasion. We boast a large variety of panels and we are sure you will find something you like regardless of your preference of design or material.

cultured stone panel

Is right !!!


Our collection of Grille panels, are composed pieces of geometric shapes. While limited in range, creative applications invokes a senseof zen or middle eastern mystique. We will be expanding these series soon! Come visit again!

Ancient ShipWood

Making a difference in a space can be easy. An assortment of furnishing can instantly add character to a room. Their presence can be subtle, or bold, however desired. Study rooms can accommodate ship wood to play up an otherwise monotonous wall–being a versatile and easy to integrate material that would fit any design direction.


Our collection of wave panels, mimics nature's wave and ripples. They induces a sense of calm and harmony. Coupled with creative uses of light, they add texture and transports one into the quiet realms of nature.


Now, designers can push their parameter for creativity with the introduction of elaborate details and interesting textures. In the living room, for instance, relief panels make a beautiful backdrop against a customised television console unit. In the bedrooms, relief panels can also be used as a wall feature to create the desired visual impact.


Our collection of carved panels, features abstract and enthnic patterns. Use them on walls, or as seperators between spaces, to carve out enclosures for different moods.


In a boutique, our colourful magic blocks, immediately make a bold statement in a space. In fact, these elements emerge as work of art in their own right; immediately creating focal points where one’s eyes gravitate towards.